Laurie Ware is unique in the accounting arena. She is both a high-energy accountant and an idea generator. A true entrepreneur herself, Laurie understands the needs of those she serves.

Lets face it, entrepreneurs are usually filled with fabulous ideas but all to often they come up short on the important details needed to move those ideas forward. This is when it pays to know Laurie. She is in her own right a successful entrepreneur. Equally important, she has the personality required to assist those who may need a lot of handholding in the early stages of startup.

For the seasoned professional – because if you work with her long enough you WILL become a seasoned professional – it’s comforting to have her in your back pocket.  She’s always quick to respond from her seemingly infinite knowledge-base of facts, figures, and ideas. She knows the tax code inside and out which will help you keep most of what you earn in your bank account.

Laurie is in the best sense of the phrase, an accounting wizard. She is trustworthy and loyal. I’m grateful she’s my friend, and thankful she’s my accountant.


Winslow Wellness Centers, LLC

Dr. Skye Winslow